Credits of surfaccom - find out who does what. Interested in photos on the site or just want to say 'great site'? Well use the info below to get in contact with the surf photographers or surfing experts from surfaccom.


A lot of time and effort has gone into developing surfaccom, and creating the site that you see today. This would never have been possible without the contributions and commitment of a number of key people. And this is our chance to say a big thank you to them for their efforts, and for believing in us from the start.

Web Design & Surf Photography

André Tanguy - a keen surfer originally from Jersey, C.I. André fell in love with the concept of surfaccom almost immediately, and was keen to get involved in its development. This guy is enthusiastic, creative and seriously hard working, and has been a vital member of the surfaccom team.

Check out his web design portfolio -
Check out his photography -

Surf Photography

You can't have a decent surf website without high quality surfing photos. So we're fully indebted to all the guys who have put the time in the water to get us these shots. But the pictures on our site are just 'the lemon next to the pie' - click on their own sites to see their full range of surf photography.

Jordan Weeks -
Greg Sanderson -
Declan Hearne -
Heidi Westbrook -

Logo Development

Cool, clean and understated, the surfaccom logo was the brainchild of Briz. This guy does not hang around, and met the brief with virtually his first design. And the rest, as they say, is history.

Check out his portfolio -

Inspiration & Advice

So many people have taken time out from their busy lives to provide us with feedback on the development of the site and have supported us right from the start. We seriously appreciate every effort and want to say a big thank you to everyone who has played their part.

Dan, Benji, André, TC, Jane, Lou, LFJ, Jonno, Mr T, Eddie, Norm, G-money, TWA crew ... we couldn't have done it without you!

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